Friday, November 30, 2007

On the Move

More good news. Tiffani got her breathing tubes removed this morning around 6:30 am. We got to go in and see her at the 10 am visitation and she was looking great and talking, but obviously she is very sore and tired. We saw her at the 5:30 am visitation too, but she still had her breathing tube.

We just got word that she is going to be moved out of ICU this afternoon, we are just waiting on a clean room. She is progressing really, really well and is hitting all of her major benchmarks on schedule or ahead.

Her cardiologist Dr. Franklin, told her that yesterday was the easy part, now the hard stuff begins. She will have to begin breathing treatments and sitting up in a chair today. Tomorrow she will continue the breathing treatments then she will be standing and hopefully even walking.

Thank you all again for the support and prayers.

All our love,


** Ava Update **

Ava is feeling and looking much better today, she doesn't have pneumonia and has returned to her role as the "ultimate niece" and "ultimate distraction".

Thursday, November 29, 2007


We all just went back to the cardio recovery area to see our sweet Tif, and she looks great! Her skin is so pink, and she's resting comfortably. If it weren't for all the tubes, you wouldn't even know she'd just had major surgery. At some point in the next few hours, they'll start the process of taking Tiffani off her breathing tube. She's very sedated, which is nice because she was worried about gagging on the breathing tube. Once she starts waking up a little, they'll take it out so she can breathe for herself. She did try to mouth "I love you" to Tim, and tried to furrow her brow when Tim & my dad said goodbye; so she's beginning to perk up.

We can't say this enough...thank you for all the prayers, and sweet thoughts. Thanks for your continued prayers throughout Tiffani's recovery. We feel the love. Praise God for our family in Christ! He is good & faithful always.

As promised, here are some pictures from this morning.

Tim & Tiffani--still newlyweds!
The sisters

Tim defying the hospital cell phone rule. He answers to no one!


Thank you Lord!

"Well, she's all done."

Dr. Fraser just came out and gave us the great news. The surgery is over and Tiff is resting in the ICU recovery.

We get to see her in about an hour.

I will keep you all posted.

All our love,


It's Shiny and New

"Everything is going wonderful!"

We just got great news, they have made it past the most high risk part of the procedure, reentering through Tiff's breastbone, and they are putting the new conduit and valve in place as I type.

"This news does not come with a time frame" so keep the prayers coming and I will give everyone an update as soon as we know something.

All of your thoughts and prayers mean more to me and our family that I can possibly say, thank you all so much.

All our love,


PS- I have taken over blogging responsibilities because Ava is still not feeling well and Sunni had to leave and take her to the minor emergency clinic, so keep them in your prayers too.

Houston, We Have a Heart Valve

Tiffani went back to the operating room at 1:15 pm, and we just got our first update at 1:45 pm. Tiffani had just gone off to dreamland after they got her arterial IV in place. They said it took them a little while to get that in, so we hope they deadened it "real nice" or else we will never hear the end of it! Dr. Fraser said the surgery will take 5-6 hours, but could go longer, and it's not a bad thing if it does. He said he takes his time. Which, of course, we appreciate.

We arrived here at 6:30 am, so we've really just been sitting around, and attempting to keep Tiffani entertained & relaxed until she was taken to the O.R. We're trying to use as much Grey's Anatomy lingo as we can. We even have our very own Dr. McDreamy.

Pictures to come!

P.S. Hope you like the new header! We thought Tiffani would like the surprise when she starts blogging again! Thanks, Fabulous K Blog Designs!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Brand New Shiny Valve

I know I haven't posted about my wonderful Thanksgiving in North Carolina yet, but I promise I will get on that in a few days. Here is a sneak preview...

It seems like ever since we got home Tim & I have been on the go. First, we had to get a Christmas tree. Second, we had to clean our house for all the guests that came in town today. Last but not least, we got our new laptop in the mail...and we just had to set it up! So as you can see there was just no time for blogging until now!

Today we spent the day at the hospital for my pre-op tests. I can't believe the surgery is tomorrow. It seems like I have been thinking about it forever & it has been so far away, but tomorrow I check in the hospital at 6:30 in the morning. My surgeon has a short case before me so I probably won't go into the operating room until around 11 or 12. I wish I could just go in right away so I wouldn't have to sit and wait, but at least I get more time to pray & read all my verses that have gotten me through the past few months. I am nervous, but CERTAIN that God has everything ready to go. HE will be the chief surgeon tomorrow!

I just want to thank every single person that has been praying for me and my family. I will never be able to express how much it means to me. Knowing that I have an entire ARMY of PRAYER WARRIORS out there has given me so much peace & comfort. I have NO DOUBT that God will be taking care of me & my family tomorrow. He is the Ultimate Healer & has blessed me immensely...especially by giving me brothers & sisters in Christ to pray for me.

My sister will be keeping my blog updated until I can take control! I'll be back soon with that brand new shiny valve! Keep those prayers coming!

Love, Tiffani

Monday, November 19, 2007

How To Make a BLUE Couch Cushion

First you'll need...

A Blue Pen

Then you'll need...

A Baby Cavapoo...Named LUCY

Then you'll get this result...

A Blue Couch Cushion
(I realize you can barely see anything. This was after LOTS & LOTS of cleaning. I was too mad to take a picture right after it happened. I promise it was WORSE than this...dark blue...I'm not just being dramatic.)

Then you'll have to...
Wash the Cavapoo

You might think the Cavapoo is cute, but do not be deceived...she is still a terror!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A FULL Guest Room is a FULL Heart!

I LOVE when our guest room is full!

This weekend Sunni, Ava, Emili & Jaime all came to Houston. I was so excited because someone was actually coming to visit Houston, and it wasn't for anything related to doctors! Just for FUN!

Sunni & Ava arrived on Friday morning so I got to have some quality Niece Time at The Aquarium downtown!

Ava & Aunt T-T

The Fish

Ava loving the Jungle Sounds

Ava's Favorite Big Cat

The White Tiger Charmer

Ava & Sunni on the Shark Choo-Choo

Ava's Sea Lion

Last Stop...Splash Pad

Emili & Jaime got to our house late Friday night so that could only mean one thing...we would need some Buffalo Grille breakfast in the morning! Saturday we hung out, watched Blades of Glory, watched Ava feed the dogs treats & play with her doll, walked around the Village AND took Jaime to Lupe Tortilla for his first taste of heavenly beef!

Jaime & Emili

The Joys of taking a Family Picture

As I put away the few toys we have for Ava & cleaned up the guest room on Sunday afternoon, I just wanted to have a my own tantrum on the floor...Ava style. BUT, I resisted because I knew my guest room would be full again in just a couple weeks!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Little Champion!

Ok, so he's not exactly a soft ball champion,
but he can still be MY champion!

The MHI Hammers fought the good fight last night & made it into the co-ed softball championship game!! Tim was giddy & I was just so excited because they were playing so well. I kind of wanted to throw on a Hammers jersey and join them. (Although, I did play intramural soft ball for Tri Delt & let me just say…it was not pretty - it was best I was in the stands cheering them on.) I'm sad to say they were 2 runs short of a victory, but I was beaming because my little pitcher did such a fab job out there!

Go MHI Hammers…you'll get em next season!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Fun Run (or walk) Your Heart Out!

Last weekend Tim & I participated in The Texas Heart Institute Great Pumpkin Fun Run. We had been wanting to do it for the past few years, but we were either out of town or had something planned that day. This year we decided we just HAD to do it! The Texas Heart Institute is where I will be having my heart surgery in a few weeks so I was pumped to support them!

Just as we hold Race for the Cure close to our hearts for my Mom, we hold anything dealing with hearts close to us for Tim's Dad. Brian passed away from a heart attack about 4 years ago. I met Tim about 4 months after that so I never had the honor of meeting him, but I feel like I know him through all the stories Tim & his family have told me. From what I have gathered he was a caring, funny, honorable, loving, Christian man & then some. I can definitely tell that Tim is his son. I am so sad I never got to meet him, but I'm sure my Mom & Brian are chatting it up in Heaven…probably laughing at all the silly things Tim & I do!

So Saturday morning we woke up very early & walked (not ran) our hearts out in memory of Brian and in honor of me! Next year I plan to run…or at least jog since my brand new heart valve will be 1 year old…almost!