Friday, April 11, 2008

Wire Bundles

Dearest American Airlines,

Do the words turkey hunting mean anything to you? Didn't think so. Because of you that's what I will be doing this weekend. I know it will be loads of fun because I will be with Tim & we will get to celebrate Luke's birthday with him, but that was not what I had planned for the weekend.

Do the words Boston, Flight 1972 or Flight 154 mean anything to you? They should. I am SUPPOSED to be touring the streets of Boston right now with Sarah Beth & Elizabeth. Elizabeth moved to Boston last year & we were going to visit for a fun girly weekend. No turkeys allowed!

Thanks to you and your bundles of wire that must be checked, our flights were cancelled. Yes, I know my safety should come first, but could you have not checked it when you were supposed to? So instead of preparing for my Big Boston Tea Party I must go pack for turkey hunting. Do you even know what I should pack for turkey hunting? If so, could you get someone from AA to send me any info on the subject? Seeing as how I have never been hunting & don't own one shred of camo, any insight would be helpful. Ok, I am off to raid my closet for appropriate hunting gear instead of giggling with my girls on the streets of Boston.

Boston is Just a Dream,

Monday, April 7, 2008

Chili Willies

Fifteen minutes after Tim & I arrived at the Fatheree's river house in Bandera, TX on Friday night...

Tiffani: "Next year I am definitely entering my award winning chili in the chili cookoff!"

(Side note: In college some fellow DDD's & I entered the Chi-O Chili Cookoff. We made a lovely vegetarian chili & won 2 years in a row. The third year we burned the chili or something, but we won an award for spirit. You may be thinking...veggie chili? I promise it was so good. Although, I can't prove it to you because the recipe was in one of my college books that I sold kids always need money! What was I thinking by not writing it down?)

Luke: "Does it have beans in it?"

Tiffani: "Um, YES!"

Luke & Tim: "Oh, you can't enter it then. No beans allowed."

Tiffani: "Hahahaha...whatever!"

Luke & Tim: "No really, a real Texas chili does not have beans. Your chili would be disqualified."

Tiffani: "But...whhaat?" (perplexed the rest of the night)

I just found this in an article online.

Most often heard here in Texas is "If you know beans about chili, you know chili ain't got no beans". It is a near hanging offense to serve up chili with beans in it down here in the Lone Star State.

I say again...WHAT? As for me & my house, we will serve chili with beans! BUT, this weekend I made an exception & went along with the no beans rule.

We went to Bandera for the 11th annual 11th Street Cowboy Bar Chili Cookoff. I really served no purpose except for moral support & major people watching (there was also a motorcycle rally...very interesting). We had so much fun! Although our chili did not place, we came out of the weekend with a couple blue ribbons! Again, I had nothing to do with this!

Celeste & her 1st place Bloody Marys

Celeste & her 2nd place Margaritas

Mrs. Fatheree & her 1st place Salsa
Luke with his FABULOUS beans

Tim & his horns...they go everywhere with him!

(Sadly, they did not place either.)

Luke & Celeste turning in the Yummy Chili

Me with my truck driver husband...
I'm sure I just finished eating 100 cookies!

Beans or No Beans...We'll get 'em next year!

P.S. The 'Big Brother' in my office discovered that the girls on the 5th floor frequent Blogspot way too much. We are no longer able to visit Blogspot...terrible really! I'm so behind on all my blog reading. Lunch has a new meaning to it - boring!