Friday, August 31, 2007

What colors do you LOVE?

My friend, Natalie, informed us all that today has been named
National College Colors Day!!
So get out your gear & show your spirit - we sure did!

Baylor Girl Lucy

Baylor - Texas Stewart

Stewart had a hard time deciding what colors to sport.

He grew up going to Baylor, but he does LOVE Bevo!

Die Hard Texas Tim

Go Bears!

From our family to yours...Happy College Colors Day!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Birthday Bash Pictures

Little Emili turned 26 last week so Tim & I packed the car & headed to Dallas last weekend. We had such a great time celebrating with everyone!

Saturday Night...

Dinner at the Hibachi Grill - yes, that makes 2 weekends in a row & I did finish my fried rice both times!

The 26 Year Old & Me

Xavier, Ava & Sunni
Tim & Jason
Ava & Me
A Japanese Birthday Celebration

Me & Tim

Happy Birthday & thanks for the fun!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Let THE SEASON begin...

Saturday, August 18th - Afternoon

Tim: Guess what?
Tiffani: What?
Tim: Only 2 more weeks until football season begins! (fist pumped in air)
Tiffani: Sigh & roll eyes...great!

My first UT/OU weekend with Tim - 2005.

Monday, August 20th - 12:31 pm

After we decide we are going to Dallas for my sister's birthday I receive an email entitled...'FFL Draft - Very Important' and I quote...

Hey babe,

My FFL draft is at 5pm on Sunday. It is critical that I have at least 1 hour to get ready for the draft. That means we need to leave Dallas before noon on Sunday.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your loving husband.

Thursday, August 23rd - getting ready for work

Tim: Guess what 1 week from today is?
Tiffani: (excited) We get to pack for our Labor Day trip!!
Tim: Yes, but it is ALSO the beginning of FOOTBALL SEASON! (said in football announcer voice)
Tiffani: There are games on Thursday?
Tim: YES!!!! (insert Longhorn hand signal)

Sunday, August 26th - FFL Draft Day

Tim is HYPER & GIDDY all day!

2:00pm - Back in Houston

2:30pm - Went to Lowe's to buy a ladder so I could continue painting our living room while my husband acts as a professional drafter starting at 5pm sharp!

3:00pm - Stop at CVS for some medicine & milk.

Tim: I should really get home soon so I can get prepared.
Tiffani: BIG eye roll...I thought you only need 1 hour for prep.
Tim: Yes, but I would really like some extra time.

3:30pm - I'm painting...Tim is prepping!

4:30pm - Tim comes downstairs & compliments me on my straight lines (I've always been really good with a paint brush.)

Tim: (giddy) Ok, wish me luck!
Tiffani: Woo hoo...go get em!

5:00 - 7:45pm - FFL Draft is in session.

7:50pm - Tim updates me on his draft.

Tiffani: So how did it go?
Tim: (excited, yet concerned) I think it went well, but I'm a little unsure about it.
Tiffani: You said that last year & then you won.
Tim: But, I really mean it this year.
Tiffani: Another eye roll...I'm sure you did a great job! Did you draft Vince Young?
Tim: No.
Tiffani: Drats!
Tim: Oh baby don't you worry, this year your favorite player is going to be Laurence 'Gravy Train' Maroney from the New England Patriots! (said in high pitched, excited voice)
Tiffani: (Note to self...look up the colors for the Patriots...better get some gear if I have to watch all their games!)

11:15pm - In bed watching Sports News with Randy McIlvoy

He just finished interviewing Mack Brown about the UT Football Season.

Randy: You can see the Longhorns take on Arkansas State this Saturday.

I look over at Tim & like a kid in a candy store, he has a huge grin on his face. His favorite season is about to begin!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

26 Candles & 1 Cake...

Happy Birthday Little Emili!

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl in her Younger Years

Have a HAPPY day & make sure you eat LOTS of cake.

I love you so much!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Kids on The Block

No, not those New Kids on The Block...


Kyle, Amanda, Me, Tim - circa January

Amanda & Kyle moved from Baytown to Houston at the end of May. They moved just minutes away from us - I was super excited! Technically, they are not new to the block since they have been in Houston since May, but I am still classified as a NEWlywed so they can still be the new kids!

We decided to get together with them on Saturday since we hadn't seen them since Lizzy's going away party. It seems like every time we get together we always go to Azuma or Lupe Tortilla so we opted for something different. We were all missing a little piece of Abilene & decided to find a hibachi grill similar to Fuji' to Tokyohana we went!

Waiting for our Table

Me & Tim

Amanda & Kyle

The girls showing off their skills!

I managed to polish off my entire plate - including the blessed fried rice! It was a delicious dinner with old friends.

After dinner we went to Volcano for some more fun & I ran into Allyson - a fellow co-worker & blogger! What fun!

Allyson & Me

All in all, it was a fun night out with the New Kids on The Block...can't wait for next time!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lucy to Lady in 1 Hour

Can I just say that I LOVE, HEART, LOVE Scrub-a-Dub Dog Wash! If you live in Houston & want to wash or get your dog groomed - then Elizabeth is your girl. Here are a few of the reasons I highly recommend a doggie visit there...

A. They are SO sweet to the dogs.
B. They do not cage the dogs.
C. They always make your dog look they just came out of an Aveda salon.

If you will recall several posts ago, Stewart had his beauty shop appointment & I posted this picture of our Cavapoo, Lucy...

Too Wild to Groom
Well, last week Tim & I decided it was time for us to get our 4-month old puppy groomed. Tim was against it at first because Lucy has a beautiful coat (everyone tells us...we are just so proud), but after a few weeks our hippie puppy needed a cut!
She was off to Scrub-a-Dub on Saturday afternoon...

When I walked into the salon to pick her up, this is what I saw (please brace yourself)...

WHAT??? Oh my gosh, I was about to faint!

What happened to our tomboy Cavapoo? She turned into a true Lady. I went on & on about the bows & how cute they were - Elizabeth finally said that she could put bows in Stewart's hair too, but she said my husband might not like that. Secretly, I wanted to tell her to go ahead and pencil that treatment in for Stewart too!

I'll have you know that 1 hour before Amanda & Kyle came over to go to dinner, she managed to take one bow off! So much for showing off my dainty Miss Priss - she was back to her WILD Cavapoo ways!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens...

If you will please refer back to one of your favorite childhood movies…The Sound of Music. It is storming outside & the lovely Fräulein Maria is able to calm down the frightened children with a simple song, My Favorite Things.

This is NOT what our house looks like when it starts storming. How I wish Tim & I could just sing that song & make everything better! Stewart, our Pekingese, HATES any kind of storm - small or large. We can always tell when it is about to rain because he gets nervous, his eyes get big, he stares at the window, starts shaking & then panting. He loves to hide in tight spots…like a bookshelf (yes, he knocks everything out of the hiding spot before he settles in), a crevice in the closet, behind furniture, etc.

When a storm breaks out at night he sits on the bed - pants, licks his chops & watches the window for lightning. He hates lightning, but at the same time he is very intrigued by it. We try & make him snuggle with us, but it just doesn't do the trick - I think it makes him more nervous! So he tries to hide under the bed.

Clearly, there is not enough space for him to get under there, but somehow he does & gets stuck. Tim has to lift the bed up while I pull him out. Then he tries to get behind our dresser & gets stuck.

We finally found the perfect solution. The cabinet in our bathroom. We keep our beach towels/old towels in here - perfect for a dog bed. Last night Tim even made him a tent so he didn't have to see the lightning.

Stewart absolutely loves it & it is definitely one of his 'favorite things'…oh, he also loves 'brown paper packages tied up with strings'!

Monday, August 13, 2007

She's Finally a Tuggle!

On Friday afternoon I was off to Waco (sans Tim) for Amy & Matt's wedding. Tim was off in Mexico for some dove hunt - a work thing. So what's a girl to do, but make her BFF her wedding weekend date! Since Sarah Beth's boyfriend is deployed we agreed to accept the duty & be each others wedding date! It was such a fun weekend from start to finish!

Amy, Me & Matt

Amy is one of my greatest friends. My sister & her sister were sorority sisters before we got to Baylor. Sunni took me up to Amy's room to meet her during move-in day at Collins Dormitory. I'm not sure how Amy wasn't scared of my short haircut with a 'tail' that was flipped up, but she managed to say hello. Then I think our conversation consisted of 'Oh wow, you have a shower in your room - so lucky.' 'Yes, I am from Waco so I knew to request this room.' Ok, so that might not have been the exact conversation, but it is definitely close!

Sarah Beth lived on the same floor as Amy so we all became friends, then sorority sisters, then roomies for a year, then lifelong friends! Amy is such an amazing & encouraging friend & SO funny…she can always make me laugh! Amy was a bridesmaid in my wedding & then I was given the honor of standing as one of her bridesmaids on Saturday.

The weekend was jam packed with fun…


The L*ngerie Shower at Emmalie's house (so cute!)

Me & the Blushing Bride-to-Be
The Rehearsal

The Happy Couple
The Rehearsal Dinner at the Arboretum
Sarah Beth & Appetizer
SB, Taylor & Me
Sophomore Year 16F Roomies
Kristin, SB, Amy & Me
Hanging out at Crickets with the Bride & Groom
Taylor, Me, Bride & SB


The Bridal Luncheon
Me, Amy, Lauren, Kristin, Taylor, Amy & SB
Our Table
My Seat - Yummy!
Muffins Anyone??
My Very Own Dessert!

After the Bridal Luncheon we made a stop at the Spirit Shop for new Baylor Shirts - Ava even got a new shirt from her Aunt! FYI, the house where Flash used to be is now called Harts & Crafts. Alicia lived on SB and Amy's floor freshman year. She opened up this store & it is SUPER CUTE. Must go when you visit Baylor!

Getting Ready for the Wedding
The Glowing Bride & Me
All Dressed & Ready to Go!
The Bride & Her Crew
The Reception
Bride's Cake
Groom's Cake - Thanks Matt!
Mashed Potato Martinis
Amy, SB & Me
Baylor Girls with their Dr. Pepper Floats
(If you didn't go to Baylor you wouldn't understand!)
May I have this dance?
Joe, watch out...she is 2 for 2!

SB & I finish off the trip & eat at La Fiesta - a wonderful choice!

Here's to the Newlyweds…the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!

Happy Honeymoon...Love you Both!