Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A February Bronzing

The other day I decided that I was absolutely too pale to attend a wedding this weekend. The dress I am wearing shows my scar & I figured it would be less noticeable with a tan. In the past I have gone to the tanning beds to add some color to my face, but since I am trying to be healthy about the sun & since I have a scar that is not supposed to be in the sun for awhile, that option was out. So I thought I would give the spray on tan a whirl!
I Googled 'best sunless tanning Houston' and I found a place that won the 2007 -08 Best of Citysearch 'Best of Tanning'...I didn't want to be orange! I had two options. One, airbrush tan. Two, mist-on tan. Since the words airbrush tan remind me of body builders & pageant children I decided I would go with the mist-on tan. Although, I plan to try the airbrush tan for a special occasion one day! I hear it is fabulous!
I was a little nervous because this was my first time to do the mist-on tan, but they were very helpful & showed me exactly what to do. I was all prepared and ready to go. Once I was in the tanning box (which I must say was dark & kind of scary) I read the checklist on the wall. I gave myself a pat on the back for doing everything on the list. Pressed the first button. Pressed the second button. Got in my first pose, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, held it &
The first round of 'misting' SHOCKED me. I accidentally swallowed the mist because I was so freaked out I forgot that I wasn't supposed to take a breath. I had to calm down & get myself back in order because I only had 5 seconds to turn, get in the next pose, close my eyes & hold my breath. I got better as it went on, but I was ready to get out of that black box with the powerful mist/fan!
I now am the proud owner of a golden tan...although, I might call my hands a little tangerine. But, I am ready to put on that party dress!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ahh, Friendship

There is nothing like spending time with old friends. It warms your heart & soothes your soul!

Thursday I got to see Annalee, Evan & their precious baby Adelaide. We met at our favorite spot, Hungry's...delicious as always. I had so much fun ooing and ahhing over Adelaide, reminiscing over old times, and laughing over the thought of our high school reunion!

Last time I saw Annalee in November

Present day

Saturday I got to see Liz & Amanda in Ft. Worth. Now, I usually get to see Amanda, but rarely do I get to see her after she has run a 1/2 marathon. I was so proud of her! I never get to see Liz because she moved to Chicago in June so this was an extra special treat!

Amanda, Me, Emili, Liz

Emili, Amanda, Liz and I blocked out Tim, Kyle & the rest of their family & gabbed away. It was so much fun to laugh with old friends! Don't worry, Tim & Kyle talked about boy stuff so they were fine!

I also got to hang out with my little friend/niece Ava. She is so BIG...I just wanted to cry when she greeted me at the door on Friday night waving & saying "Hi, T-T...come on T-T."

I have to share this picture with you. Saturday we went shopping at Southlake Town Square & Ava took off her jacket.

Ava: "Aunt T-T I'm cold."
T-T: "You want to put your jacket back on?"
Ava: matter of fact "No."
T-T: "You want Aunt T-T's vest?"
Ava: smile & "Yes."

She is a HOOT & she knows it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Chic Travel Girl

Guess what I got in the mail the other day?

My NEW passport with my NEW name!

I can't wait to use it during all my travels this year,
BUT wait it gets better.
My sister, Xavi & Ava gave me this for my birthday.

An ultra chic pink leather passport cover.

My passport is gonna look WAY COOL!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What Just Happened?

Let me tell you a little story about my Friday off...

The dogs had a grooming appointment at 8am. I figured I would be a good little exercise girl & go to the YMCA after I dropped them off. Ooooo...I see my NEW pink Jon Hart tote with MY initials on it that Tim gave me for my birthday...I'm gonna carry that to the gym!

Wallet - check
Cocktails for Three - check
(just in case I want to stop at Starbucks and read)
Cell phone - check
iPod - check
YMCA towel that Tim accidentally brought home - check

Good workout. Talk to Sunni. Watch a little bit of a show I taped. The dogs are ready. Pick them up & they look SO CUTE.

(She used to have 2 bows)

Shower. Decide that the Jon Hart tote is perfect to carry as my purse for the day. Take out iPod. Off to luch with Tim. We eat at Which Wich...loved it. Drop Tim off at his office.

It is about 1:15 & I have to get Lucy to the vet at 2 for some shots. I'm low on gas. I stop & fuel up. Traffic, lots & lots of traffic. I took the worst route home. It is about 1:50 & I know I am going to be late to Lucy's appointment.

I turn my car around in front of my house so it will be ready to leave. Lock the car. Leave my precious Jon Hart tote in the car since I am grabbing Lucy as fast as I can. Open house door. Turn off alarm. Let Lucy out of her cage. Go to the restroom since I drank way too much Diet Coke at lunch. Turn on alarm. Grab Lucy & leash. Tell Stewart I am sorry, but we will be right back. Lock door. I'm proud of myself because that only took about 2-5 minutes.

I get to my car & I am about to open the door & I see glass on the street. I think hmm, someone's car must have been broken terrible. I look up & my passenger window is broken. I panic. My Jon Hart tote is GONE with my wallet, cell phone & book!

I freak out & go back inside. I can't call anyone because my cell phone was in my bag. I grab Stewart too & I decide I will walk to the dry cleaners to call Tim. I am sobbing. On my way I realize we have a phone line for our alarm so I can plug in our old phone & call Tim so I go back to the house. Shoot the phone has to charge. I sob some more. I am so freaked out because it happened SO FAST. Was someone watching me?

Needless to say, I got ahold of Tim & he came home right away. We spent the rest of the day cancelling credit cards, etc. The little meanies only got to have a bit of fun at several gas stations before we shut them down. BUT, I'm really mad because they get to use the remaining balance on my Chick-fil-a & Sonic gift cards. Oh & the rest of our Dillards bridal credit! Thankfully, I was safe & everything they took could be replaced.

So if you see someone walking down the street carrying a pink Jon Hart bag with MY initials on it, pulling out MY new Coach wallet I got for Christmas, eating a Chick-fil-a sandwich, drinking a Sonic drink, Dillards bag in hand, reading Cocktails for Three & pretending to talk on a silver cell phone...please tell them what's up because this is all I've got left from my Jon Hart memories!

Moral of the Story: NEVER leave anything in your car...even if you are only going to be a moment!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bark Park Adventures

Do you wanna go to the (enter high pitch voice) DOG PARK?

Dog tags start jingling & Stewart is HYPER!
Lucy doesn't know where we are going, but since Stewart is excited SHE is double EXCITED!

Here's how it goes down:

Stewart is a snob so he barely acknowledges other dogs.
He would rather run around alone, sniff the grass & wade in the extra blue pond.

Although, he did take a liking to this tiny, tiny yorkie on Saturday. You must know that he slobers a lot at the dog park & it happened to get on the cute yorkie's back. I was very embarassed & mumbled a 'sorry' as I carried off slobbery Stewart!

Lucy is a little timid about the dog park. In the past, she would spend the entire time jumping in any human lap available. Thankfully, she is warming up to the idea of playing with other dogs. I think she spent most of the time shadowing Stewart.

Occasionally, she ran up to other dogs & then ran off with her tail between her legs.
We can only hope that she will start some kind of chase next time...we would be so proud!

Ahhh, a dog's life.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Book Worm

While I was off I had a chance to do what I love...READ!

Here are the books I read. I loved all of them, but I have a special place in my heart for
A Thousand Splendid good!

Here is what I am reading now...

Go curl up & read!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just a Few Things...

1. Work - Last week was a crazy week of work. First of all, going back to work after 2 months is not an easy task, but to make it worse January is our busiest month. So while I was watching Ellen & Oprah all my little friends at work were working SUPER hard. You can imagine they were excited to have me back before the January 31st deadline. They were very supportive & made sure I didn't over work myself, but I did have stuff waiting for me. All this to say...I couldn't ease my way back into work.

2. 4:30 a.m. - That is the time we all left work on Thursday night/morning. That is also the time some people wake up to get ready for the day. Tim, Stewart & Lucy all greeted me when I fell into bed.

3. Groundhog Day - I love this day because it is such a silly holiday & it is my oldest friend's birthday. Since Amanda was the birthday girl her wishes were our command.

We started the night out at Lupe Tortilla...

followed by some entertainment at Laff Stop...

Christian Finnigan was performing & he was hilarious. Also, Kyle admitted to us that he thought about doing Open Mic night. He even shared a few of his ideas. I 100% support him.

Don't worry a birthday is not a birthday without dessert! Cupcakes from Sugarbaby's...YUM!

4. Super Bowl - I decided that I was going to support the NY Giants because I love Peyton Manning & wanted to show his brother some love. Tim & I made some black bean dip, turkey sausage & turkey burgers to celebrate the LAST football game of the season. Amanda & Kyle joined us for a good time & several high fives when Eli took the win!

That was supposed to be my New York sign. First of all, I did it backwards. Second of all, I did an M instead of an N. It's the spirit that counts! Of course, Tim is always putting his horns up even when they aren't playing!

These were their best Super Bowl moves...hmmm!

5. Biggest Loser - Since I worked late on Tuesday, I didn't get to watch The Biggest Loser until this weekend. I cried several times. Can I just say that I love Bob, but he really upset me when he didn't pick Bernie & Brittany. They were with him from the beginning & they are my favorite team. So now I love Jillian & I am giving Bob the silent treatment for awhile. Go Black Team!!