Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Paper Anniversary

It's sad, but true...I am no longer a NEWLYWED. It's so unfair, BUT Tim & I had a wonderful time celebrating!

On our wedding night, the Country Club forgot to put the basket of food & cake in our limo before we left the reception. Tim & I were starving later that night & we had no car to stop off at the nearest fast food restaurant, the hotel wasn't serving food & we didn't want to call a family member to help us out. So my lovely husband called Papa John's. Unfortunately, they were closed & would not accept his bribe of $50 to deliver a pizza. Thankfully, Domino's was still baking! We enjoyed a fabulous cheese pizza together - it was delightful!

Tim & I debated for several weeks on what we should do for our first anniversary. We thought we would go out for a nice romantic dinner, but as time passed we decided we could save the money we would spend on dinner & use it for a couples massage in Jamaica...just like in St. Lucia! Tim jokingly said, "Why don't we get Domino's just like our wedding night?" At first we laughed & then you could hear the wheels turning in our head. We remembered how delicious the pizza was & that sealed the deal for our paper anniversary! We had such a great time & I know I'll love the pizza even more when I am enjoying my massage on the island of Jamaica!

(Our cake was still pretty good!)

Don't think this is going to work every year Tim...I love you!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Love You to Pieces

Happy Anniversary.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Presto Chango!

As many of you know, I have a cute little puppy called Lucy.
She is very curly because she is part poodle.
Lucy is a Cavapoo.

Please let me introduce you to my new puppy called Lucy.
She is a Whippet.

Alright, she isn't really a Whippet, but I love to call her that. About two weeks ago we had to get Lucy shaved. We were sad to see her curls go, but her hair dresser was even more sad. Somehow she got extremely matted. Apparently, her parents did not know that her curls should be brushed everyday. We had a brush, but as you can see Lucy used it more as a toy...oopsy!

We now own a shiny new brush so that when her curls come in we can brush those tangles out!

Poor Whippet, Lucy!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Turkey Hunt by Numbers

(Better late than never!)

The number of turkeys that were shot & the amount of camo that I own.

My very first time to shoot a gun. I grew up around Barbies & ballerinas. I think the only gun I ever shot was a water gun...oh, and the Sega gun for Dunk Hunt. I was totally good at that game! Anyway, I'm not sure about the whole hunting thing. It makes me too nervous, but Tim & Mr. Fatheree were great teachers.

The number of snakes we saw while we were there.
(Even though Luke promised me we wouldn't see any snakes right before we got out of the car.)

(I don't care that this was a baby snake...ain't no snake a baby to me!)

The number of hunting teachers available to me.

The number of cacti I mistook for turkeys while riding on top of the hunting truck.

The number of times a minute that I wished someone had told me there was such a thing as snake boots. If you think I wouldn't have made Tim stop to get me some on the way there...you are crazy!

skip a few...

The number of times I heard Luke & Tim practicing their turkey calls. It went a little something like this...