Monday, July 16, 2007

Deep in the HEART of Texas!

This weekend Tim & I drove to Dallas for a Texas Size Goodbye to one of my oldest friends, Liz! When I say oldest - I mean oldest. Let me tell you a little story...
Once upon a time there was a Panian Family & a Curtis Family. Each family had 3 sisters. Sunni & Christine were the same age. Tiffani & Amanda were the same age. Emili & Liz were the same age. The story goes...they knew each other when they were in their mothers' bellies!

Liz, Emili, Me & Amanda

Liz just accepted an amazing job in Chicago & it is time to say goodbye to our 80's Texas Girl. I don't think it really hit me that she is leaving Texas until this weekend. How can I go that long without seeing Liz, but more importantly how can she go that long without Texas chips & salsa?
Her family threw her a Truly Texas goodbye party at a place called Ozona. It was fabulous - chips, queso & a cake from McKay's Bakery in Abilene...what more could a girl want?

Liz, Jason, Natalie, Me, Amanda & Emili

I am going to miss Liz so much, but I know she will be so successful at her new job & her new life in the Windy City! Tim & I will have to go visit on the DOUBLE!

Here are a few of my favorite memories with Liz:

  1. Playing hours & hours & hours of Barbies with Liz, Emili & Amanda.
  2. Trying to switch best friends with Liz when Amanda was getting on my nerves (Emili & Amanda would do the same so don't think I was being mean!)
  3. Performing 'Angelettes' at Christmas time on the Panian sidewalk. Angelettes was a wonderful Christmas show we would put on for each other...yes, we were kind of weird!
  4. Making beauty pageants up until Amanda got married - don't judge, they are really funny!
  5. Playing babies - our 'husbands' were always on a business trip.
  6. Tea parties.
  7. Creating PCU (that's Panian Curtis University)...we did make a year book, grade book & class schedule. Our mascot was a lightning bolt & our motto went a little something like this 'We Strike Tests'...I can't remember the exact wording, but that gives you a feel for the 'cool' university life we created!
  8. Eating flautas & burning our tongues on the hot apple filling.
  9. Fishing for minnows at Buffalo Gap State Park.
  10. Calling the big bed when we spent the night at our house.
  11. Laughing & laughing & laughing.
Liz & Me

Me & J / Me Elizabeth & Brooke

Emili eating a cheesy quesadilla

The Harringtons

I love you Liz & I will miss you!

Good Luck in Chicago & always stay 80's!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First Place Goes to...

Miss Ava Wava Woo...for being the Cutest Niece Ever!

Ok, so maybe I am a little bias, but just look at my proof...

eating donut holes

loving the glaze

watching aunt tiffani steal her donut holes

excuse me, those are mine

that is a LITTLE dramatic

just chillin with uncle tim

what a ham

(just in case you needed to see 1 more pic)

Ava is my 1st place niece...I love you!

(sorry are my #2)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Doggy's Day Out

Friday was my Friday off (I'm on the 9/80 schedule) so I took the opportunity to have a Ladies Luncheon with my 2 cute friends - Amanda & Annalee! It was a fabulous time. We lunched at Hungry's, and all had the very positive chicken salad. We had so much fun giggling & catching up...we MUST make it a tradition!

BUT, before the lovely luncheon - Annalee brought Berkeley, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, over to meet Stewart & Lucy! This is how it went down...

The doorbell rings & in comes Berkeley without a care in the world...mi casa es her casa!

Lucy wants to play with Berkeley because she is half her kind, but oh man - Berkeley is so much bigger!

Stewart only sees Berkeley on a silver platter dressed as a juicy turkey - I have to hold him back for awhile! His growling does NOT phase Berkeley!

Finally, Lucy learns that Berkeley isn't going to hurt her...


Stewart decides Berkeley is cool, but he wants to keep her blocked on the chair...he doesn't want to take any chances - she could chew on his pheasant toy!

Lucy & Berkeley request Best Friend necklaces from Petsmart!

Berkeley & Annalee take off - Lucy is tired & Stewart is relieved!

Thanks for a fun day Amanda, Annalee & Berkeley!

P.S. I forever HEART Berkeley!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Firecracker, Firecracker...


I love the 4th of July, but since it was in the middle of the week this year - it just wasn't the same as usual. For the past 4 years I have celebrated the 4th at my dad's lake house in Blackwell, TX (I prefer to call it the prairie house since the lake has been really low), but this year our family took a break. I really missed all the festivities - eating my dad's yummy apple pie/homemade ice-cream, playing games, watching the 'Daddy Warbuck's Firework Show' & laughing at Sarah Beth's sparkler dance rendition of You're a Grand Old Flag. Oh, I almost forgot - I also missed the chihuahua that SB babysits during the 4th - Coco (aka - Coco Chanel Mademoiselle)...she is my favorite 4th treat!

July 4, 2007 brought lots of rain to Houston so we really didn't have the option to go swimming or play outside with the dogs so Tim & I thought we would be very grown up & get our house in order. We decided to tackle our closet & clean out all the clothes we don't wear. Of course, we thought we would be finished in a few hours, but yeah right! It always takes longer than you think & once you start you can't stop - don't worry, I asked! Tim said if we didn't finish then we wouldn't be able to sleep in our bed that night. We had clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc all over the bed & floor! It was Lucy's toy heaven!

(This was at the got worse!)

I did get some entertainment from Tim when I caught him shadow boxing in the mirror - apparently he wanted to relive some high school memories...

By the time we finished the closet it was around 6:30...we decided it was time to take a shower & put on our 4th of July colors for dinner. We grilled out BBQ chicken & corn, ranch style beans, cornbread & strawberry shortcake! While we were eating, the fireworks started on television - they were beautiful, but we were so lame to watch them from home!

Anyway, it was a great day - but I definitely missed the hot 4th fun in Blackwell...SB you better be brushing up on your sparkler soft shoe for next year!

Tim, Stewart, Lucy & I would like to salute all the troops serving our country & give a special shout out to Wyatt - we love you & you are always in our thoughts and prayers!!

Happy belated 4th of July!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Good Eats

I have been tagged by Annalee to share my Top 5 places to eat. How did she know I LOVE food?!?

There is no better place to live than Houston when we are talking food - so get ready to drool...

1. Lupe Tortilla
Where to begin - the beef fajitas! I am in love with them. I normally get chicken fajitas everywhere else, but NOT here. Basically, Tim & I open the menu, close the menu & look at each other & say - Beef Fajitas? Like we even need to ask each other (although, sometimes I get crazy & order the beef fajita salad). They are out of this world. The beef is tender, yet crispy - I can't even describe how melt in your mouth it is. We have had MANY conversations about what we think the secret recipe is & so far we have only come up with lime and garlic with some kind of pepper, otherwise known as marinade from the heavens. If you ever dine at Lupe Tortilla, please order the beef will not be sorry!

2. Buffalo Grille
If you are a fan of breakfast food then meet your new best friend! This is a Saturday or Sunday favorite of mine. Sunday they only serve food from the breakfast menu...don't let the line scare you away because it goes fast. I don't really have a favorite because everything is SO delicious, but I love their HUGE pancakes, yummy biscuits, filling huevos con papas & tasty cinnamon coffee! Tim usually gets the special called Chiliqueles. I have no idea what is in it, but after he has licked his plate I hear the words 'food coma' coming out of his mouth! They also have Mac & Cheese that is Out of This World! This place is definitely YUMMY!

3. Mai's
This is a fabulous Vietnamese restaurant. SO good - I used to go at least once a week when I worked at PwC! My favorite entree is a #44 or Bun Ga Nuong Cha Gio. This is a bowl with vermicelli, charcoal broiled chicken, veggies and a Vietnamese egg roll cut up. If I am trying to be healthy I get the #35 - same thing, no egg roll! Don't forget to order spring rolls for an appetizer - so refreshing!

4. Hungry's
I heart Hungry's. Positive Eating = Positive Living. That is their motto & everything about this place is positive. I think Tim & I keep their delivery service in business. I ALWAYS get the Chicken Salad Plate - yummy chicken salad, fruit & pita bread on the side. So fresh & so lite!! Sometimes I pretend like I am going to get something different just to amuse Tim...I usually look at the menu for about 5 minutes & then say - um, just get me my usual! I'm all about trying new things, but not when it comes to my Positive Chicken Salad Plate!!

5. Christian's Tailgate Grill & Bar
One word comes to mind...BURGER! This place has the juiciest burgers I have ever sunk my teeth into. I dream about this place - ok, not really, but it could happen! Every bite is so delightful & to top if off you get a side of fries. The last two times I have been there I had to get a salad with chicken because I was trying to watch my weight (wedding dress), but I think it is time to partake in the goodness! See you there!

*Bonus* Azuma
If you love sushi please go try the Crazy Irishman...FAB-U-LOUS!!

That is my take on the Houston food scene...what's yours? Tag you are it, Mrs. Timmerman!