Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween from...

Lucy the Mad Ladybug


Stewart the Bored Texans Fan

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Windy Weekend

Last Thursday with book in hand & i-pod in purse, I boarded a plane to Chicago! Our whole family met in Chicago for a surprise birthday party for my Auntie Lizzy (basically my grandmother). She will be 90 years old in December!!

Don't be fooled by her age…she is still movin' about. She still drives, grocery shops, attends church several times a week & frequents Burger King with her lady friends for some coffee. I love every moment I get to spend with her. I really only see her in the summer & at Christmas time when she visits Texas. It was a treat to see her in the fall & be in Joliet, which is a little outside of Chicago.

My Auntie Lizzy had no idea Sunni & I were coming on Thursday so it was fabulous to see her surprised face when we walked in her house. Emili, Tim & our California cousins/uncles came on Friday night - again all a surprise. Everyone stayed at my Auntie Lizzy's - it was so much fun to be with everyone!

Now, I know my big sis had her camera out every second so I have a feeling she will have a great post about our time in Chicago. I've decided to wave my white flag & surrender…I can't compete with her, but I thought I'd share SEVERAL pictures...

Ava energized by the crisp wind!

Ava at the Pumpkin Patch

Aunt T-T forcing Ava to take a picture!

All the cousins decorating for the party.

The finished product.

Treating ourselves to the famous Merichka's Poorboy Sandwich. My dad worked here in high school...sweet!

Emili & Ashley eager about Merichka's

Onion rings, poorboy & Merichka's house dressing...what more could you want?


Ava & Aunt T-T @ White Fence Farm

Dad, Auntie Lizzy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Ron & Uncle Don

The 3 Sisters

Me, Emili, Jessica, Ashley, Melissa & Sunni

Melissa & Amare

They adopted him about 4 or 5 months ago from Ethiopia...he is ADORABLE!

The famous & yummy White Fence Farm Chicken

Tim & I had to leave early on Sunday morning because we had tickets to the Texans vs. Titans game. I bought him the tickets for his birthday in June because we are both in love with Vince Young. It was so sad to leave everyone in Joliet...I think I cried several times on the way to the airport & in Houston. Tim & I had such a wonderful time visiting, laughing & listening to the stories that Auntie Lizzy told. I definitely left my heart in Joliet...guess I better go back soon to get it! We love you Auntie Lizzy!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Last week Tim got some free tickets to the Aeros vs. Rockford hockey game. The Aeros are basically the Houston minor league team for the Minnesota Wild NHL team...I think!

Anyway, the tickets were FRONT ROW!! Even though the stadium wasn't near full & we probably could have moved to the front row without the tickets, we still thought we were pretty cool.

I have never been to a hockey game so I was shocked when they were so violent, but on the other hand I LOVED when they hit the glass right in front of me! It was just so crazy to watch. A fight even broke out on the ice (like helmets & fists flying) & none of the coaches got mad. One of the guys got thrown out of the game, but it was like nothing happened...just a little tiff. Hmm, I guess it is just the game of hockey?!?

It was lots of fun & I decided I could become an Aeros fan, but I couldn't help think of one of my favorite movies...The Cutting Edge.

I drifted off & thought about how I could pick one of these rowdy guys & train them to become an Olympic ice skater. Ahhh, then I could look back one day & say I knew them when. I guess I better dust off my ice skates and get started. I think Adrian Foster is just the guy...

My Bad

Yes, I know…I have been a very bad blogger! BUT, since I am in the tax world I was a bit busy for the October 15th deadline & then my family went to Chicago to celebrate my Auntie Lizzy's 90th birthday! I promise I will post ASAP (like tonight) to update everyone on all my happenings!

One thing - I'm sure everyone has heard about the fires in California…just terrible. We have lots of family in California. My cousin, Stacy, & her husband, Tim, & their toddler, Caleb, had to evacuate their house the other day. Also, my cousin, Melissa, & her husband, Justin, & their new baby, Amare, live in San Diego - they haven't had to evacuate yet, but there is a chance they might have to. Please keep them & all the other California families in your prayers.

Ok, I'll be back later with pictures & posts!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Sisters are the Best!

They know the best places to get pedicures...

They take you to fun places to shop &
they always know when there is a festival...

They know everyone needs a cookie
to get through the shopping...

They make you delicious dinners
with a surprise on top for your husband...

They always know when you need a carmel apple...

They give you EXTRA cute nieces that can say your name...


They turn 30 before you do...

Happy Birthday Sunni!
Love You!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Music to My Ears

Friday night in Abilene...

Aunt Tiffani: Ava, can you say Bevo?
(after giving Ava a big stuffed Bevo)

Ava: Bebo

Uncle Tim: (faints on the floor with a smile on his face)

Sunni: Ava, can you say Aunt T-T?

Ava: Bebo

Sunni: Can you say Aunt T-T?

Ava: An T! T!

Aunt T-T: (faints on the floor with a smile on her face)

The rest of the weekend I continually asked her to say Aunt T-T...she just smiled & laughed or threw out a Dee-do or Bebo. She was taunting me! Finally, I got another 'An T-T' on Sunday. Mark says she said it on Saturday morning, but I think he was taunting me too!

Ava, you complete me!