Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Pottery Miracle

(Just look @ that concentration!)

I have been begging Tim to go to The Mad Potter with me for months - maybe even years...my dreams finally came true on Friday afternoon. Lucy is happy to know that she will have a new dog bowl in just a few days! She has always been jealous of Stewart's bowl!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Kicks

I have always been secretly jealous of my running friends that are so athletic and buy their running shoes at Luke's Locker. It is a store in a league of its own…a track so they can watch you run, walk or whatever & find the perfect shoe for you. Amazing. Very intimidating for a non-athletic girl like me. Anyway, the store has always reminded me of my friend Liz because on several occasions I have heard her say, "I went to Luke's the other day…blah, blah, blah…I love running!" I always thought she was so cool because she shortened the name to Luke's.

Well, the other day Tim & I went to buy me some new shoes for my 3 day walk. My other shoes have been giving me blisters & I needed an upgrade. We went to Luke's Locker. I was a bit nervous, but oh man was it fabulous! I had to walk for my shoe guy & then he brought me out 3 pair of sneakers to try on. All in a size 7. Apparently, I should have been buying my tennis shoes a size bigger - no wonder I have so many blisters! He laced me up & even taught me the runner's knot so they wouldn't feel big. I fell in love with the Nike shoes. They were like walking on clouds. It was a wonderful experience & now I am allowed to say "I went to Luke's the other day…blah, blah, blah…I love walking!"

P.S. Lucy chewed Tim's new Croc Flops the other day

so we had to buy him some new ones. Lucky for me, Berings was having a sale...why not throw a pair in for me too?!?! Love them!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beach Bums

I really think I am a quaint girl that loves quaint beach towns and quaint beach food and quaint beach shops and quaint evening strolls with snow cones. Yes, I definitely think I could survive the life as a quaint beach girl on the highway of 30-A in Florida.

We just got back from a week at Seacrest Beach, FL. It was absolutely wonderful. Sunni, Xavier, Ava, Sarah Beth, Jason, Tim & I drove down there and had a quaint little old time. We spent most of our time lounging around on the beach, eating delicious food (I think the final count was 11 blocks of cream cheese used for various dips, etc), laughing at anything & everything, reading fabulous books (Sunni was not lying when she recommended Same Kind of Different As Me), singing songs from Hairspray, Psalty the Praise Book and The Little Mermaid with Ava, shopping for cute anything and walking around the most adorable beach town squares.

I already made Tim promise that we could make Seacrest Beach a tradition in our family. Of course, he agreed! Here are some trip highlights from the beginning to the end...

On the road

Sarah Beth & Jason 'studying' the map

The Front Seat

The Back Porch in Destin

Beach Babes

Uncle Tim & Ava

Dinner @ The Red Bar

Dinner @ the House


Matching Seaside Shirts

Tim had to leave in the middle of the week to go back to work...so this was my tribute to him!

A Night in Seaside

Time to say our Goodbyes to Seacrest Beach

Next year our entire family is going & I can't wait until I get to be a quaint beach girl again!

Long Time No Blog

Yes, I am ashamed I have left my blog so unkept for the past month…or should I say months. BUT, I sure was having fun doing all the other things I was doing. I needed a break & I can't say that it won't happen again, but I am starting fresh today. Here is what I have been up to this summer…

Visiting Dallas for a 'Sister Weekend'…
hmm, I guess I only took pictures with Ava

Celebrating Tim's 28th Birthday (& hunting down a Wii for a surprise present)

Playing lots of tennis
Ok, ok…so it was Wii tennis, but I was sore so it has to count!

Going to Puerto Vallarta for Nelson & Jenni's Wedding

Planning a Surprise 60th Birthday for Tim's Mom

Having a 4th of July blast at the Lake House

Moving Tim's Mom from her beautiful house to a gorgeous townhouse

Going to Destin…that is a whole other post!

So it looks like I am all caught up...phew!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Once you go, you know."

That's what 'they' say about Jamaica. Boy are 'they' right about that one! Tim & I decided to take a celebration the surgery is over/anniversary trip to Jamaica. Neither one of us had ever been to Jamaica & we were SUPER pale & SUPER excited to be going on a relaxing vacation!

We stayed at the Sandals Whitehouse Resort...it was absolutely amazing & I would recommend this place to anyone. We had a blast & even got upgraded to a concierge room which was so excellent. We thought for sure someone was going to knock on our door & tell us they made a mistake. We spent most of our days reading, sleeping & eating on the beach. I also drank about 5 BBC drinks a day - just think of 5 milkshakes...that is probably why I gained about 5 lbs a day while I was there, but hey those pounds don't count because I was on vacation!

The View from Our Balcony

At the Spa after our Couples Massage

Cafe de Paris - we stopped by there several times a day...that could be where the 5 lbs came from!

Reading on the Beach

Snorkel Rats

Coconut Milk

I am definitely counting down the days until Tim & I return to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Yeah, mon!

We Don't Even Talk Anymore

Yikes! According to Boyz II Men, my family & friends...I haven't updated my blog in a long time. Oops! I'm guessing everyone is tired of reading about our 1st anniversary. Since then we have been very busy with Jamaica, a trip to Dallas, stalking Game Stop for a Wii, Tim's birthday, Puerto Vallarta, a wedding shower, Tim's 10 year high school reunion & a wedding. When I wasn't busy I admit I was just being lazy about posting. Sometimes you just need a break, but I am back in the saddle again. Ok, I'll start working on my Jamaica post...but I'm also watching So You Think You Can Dance ...I can't promise I won't get distracted!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Paper Anniversary

It's sad, but true...I am no longer a NEWLYWED. It's so unfair, BUT Tim & I had a wonderful time celebrating!

On our wedding night, the Country Club forgot to put the basket of food & cake in our limo before we left the reception. Tim & I were starving later that night & we had no car to stop off at the nearest fast food restaurant, the hotel wasn't serving food & we didn't want to call a family member to help us out. So my lovely husband called Papa John's. Unfortunately, they were closed & would not accept his bribe of $50 to deliver a pizza. Thankfully, Domino's was still baking! We enjoyed a fabulous cheese pizza together - it was delightful!

Tim & I debated for several weeks on what we should do for our first anniversary. We thought we would go out for a nice romantic dinner, but as time passed we decided we could save the money we would spend on dinner & use it for a couples massage in Jamaica...just like in St. Lucia! Tim jokingly said, "Why don't we get Domino's just like our wedding night?" At first we laughed & then you could hear the wheels turning in our head. We remembered how delicious the pizza was & that sealed the deal for our paper anniversary! We had such a great time & I know I'll love the pizza even more when I am enjoying my massage on the island of Jamaica!

(Our cake was still pretty good!)

Don't think this is going to work every year Tim...I love you!