Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Once you go, you know."

That's what 'they' say about Jamaica. Boy are 'they' right about that one! Tim & I decided to take a celebration the surgery is over/anniversary trip to Jamaica. Neither one of us had ever been to Jamaica & we were SUPER pale & SUPER excited to be going on a relaxing vacation!

We stayed at the Sandals Whitehouse was absolutely amazing & I would recommend this place to anyone. We had a blast & even got upgraded to a concierge room which was so excellent. We thought for sure someone was going to knock on our door & tell us they made a mistake. We spent most of our days reading, sleeping & eating on the beach. I also drank about 5 BBC drinks a day - just think of 5 milkshakes...that is probably why I gained about 5 lbs a day while I was there, but hey those pounds don't count because I was on vacation!

The View from Our Balcony

At the Spa after our Couples Massage

Cafe de Paris - we stopped by there several times a day...that could be where the 5 lbs came from!

Reading on the Beach

Snorkel Rats

Coconut Milk

I am definitely counting down the days until Tim & I return to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Yeah, mon!

We Don't Even Talk Anymore

Yikes! According to Boyz II Men, my family & friends...I haven't updated my blog in a long time. Oops! I'm guessing everyone is tired of reading about our 1st anniversary. Since then we have been very busy with Jamaica, a trip to Dallas, stalking Game Stop for a Wii, Tim's birthday, Puerto Vallarta, a wedding shower, Tim's 10 year high school reunion & a wedding. When I wasn't busy I admit I was just being lazy about posting. Sometimes you just need a break, but I am back in the saddle again. Ok, I'll start working on my Jamaica post...but I'm also watching So You Think You Can Dance ...I can't promise I won't get distracted!