Thursday, June 28, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog...

I choose blog?

After months & months of reading blog after blog, I have decided that I too should join the world of bloggers! It all started in January when my sister Sunni started her blog. I became obsessed with it...just waiting & waiting for her next post (maybe because I was bored at work). You could say I was & am her #1 blog fan. Although, it helps that she posts extra cute pictures of my niece! So it was that 8th day of January when I was introduced to this awesomeness called a BLOG!

Don't get me wrong - I had heard of a blog before, but I thought they were only for deep people who had something really important to say with new theories on life or whatever. After I clicked several links on my sister's blog...I realized I was mistaken. Blogs are for anyone - a place to show off your adorable baby or dog or weekend plans or fabulous vacation or favorite book, food, drink, etc! I was HOOKED!
Now that I am a professional blog reader I realize my life is interesting enough to have my VERY OWN blog too! I don't have a baby - but I do have...

A Handsome new Hubby - Tim
(just married May 19th)

One Pesky Pekingese dog - Stewart

One Wild Cavapoo puppy - Lucy

One Ultimate Niece - Ava

Two Unbelievable Sisters - Sunni & Emili

One 80's & Fabulous Bro-in-Law - Xavier

One Amazing Dad - Tony

One Sweet Mother-in-Law - Alix

One Crazy BFF - Sarah Beth


One Hilarious 'Brother' - Jason

I definitely think those are blog worthy! Here's to the beginning of my new blog life...cheers!!