Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Kicks

I have always been secretly jealous of my running friends that are so athletic and buy their running shoes at Luke's Locker. It is a store in a league of its own…a track so they can watch you run, walk or whatever & find the perfect shoe for you. Amazing. Very intimidating for a non-athletic girl like me. Anyway, the store has always reminded me of my friend Liz because on several occasions I have heard her say, "I went to Luke's the other day…blah, blah, blah…I love running!" I always thought she was so cool because she shortened the name to Luke's.

Well, the other day Tim & I went to buy me some new shoes for my 3 day walk. My other shoes have been giving me blisters & I needed an upgrade. We went to Luke's Locker. I was a bit nervous, but oh man was it fabulous! I had to walk for my shoe guy & then he brought me out 3 pair of sneakers to try on. All in a size 7. Apparently, I should have been buying my tennis shoes a size bigger - no wonder I have so many blisters! He laced me up & even taught me the runner's knot so they wouldn't feel big. I fell in love with the Nike shoes. They were like walking on clouds. It was a wonderful experience & now I am allowed to say "I went to Luke's the other day…blah, blah, blah…I love walking!"

P.S. Lucy chewed Tim's new Croc Flops the other day

so we had to buy him some new ones. Lucky for me, Berings was having a sale...why not throw a pair in for me too?!?! Love them!


Sarah Beth said...

Well, Crocs aren't Frocs...but that's OK! I love your new sneakers! It looks like you are all ready to start training (I mean continue training) for the big three days!! I only wish we could be training at the beach, on the way to eat at Angelinas!

Sara S. said...

Love the new shoes! BTW, my parents' puppy chewed up Ella's Croc's yesterday.

elizabeth said...

OK, I won't bash the Crocs flip flops b/c I've heard from several people that they are very comfortable. :) I love the new kicks!

R said...

i know what you mean! luke's is addictive even to the non-runner!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I second SB's comment about Angelina's! But I love the new shoes...and if we were eating Angelina's, we'd definately need to walk afterwards!